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love at 11

I found this book to be funny and witty at the same time. It’s a story of a young girl trying to get her big break in a newsroom, when all she’s been given is stories that belong on the cutting room floor. (more…)

CLP Blog Tours: Review – Next Year I’ll be Perfect by Laura Kilmartin

“Next Year I’ll Be Perfect”next-year-ill-be-perfect

By: Laura Kilmartin

Published:September 25th 2012

My Rating: 5/5 

Summary: Sarah always thought her life was on track, that is until her 29th birthday party. The discovery of a list her younger self put together outlining what she wanted to achieve by the age of 30 turns Sarah’s world upside down. Suddenly her seemingly happy life and career look lackluster and Sarah sets off on a journey to transform her life. On her quest to achieve perfection one month at a time – a happy marriage, partnership in a law firm and being able to fit in a size six purple suede miniskirt – Sarah learns to challenge society’s ideals of achievement. Filled with harsh reality, humor, and romance, Next Year I’ll Be Perfect explores what true happiness and success is all about.

My Thoughts: From the opening pages I knew I was going to love this book. The book starts off on the end of Sarah’s 29th birthday. Her friend Livvie gives her a list as a joke that she made when she was 25 and had drank too much. It’s a list of goals that Sarah wished to accomplish by the time she was 30. Now that she is already 29, Sarah starts to feel the pressure immediately. She decides to take the necessary action in order to complete her list of goals in the next 12 months. Through laughter, tears, mishaps and crazy situations, Sarah sets out to conquer her list one by one.

Most women, including myself can relate to Sarah and her journey towards what she perceives as perfection. After all when we realize we are about to turn 30, we decide everything needs to be just right.  This novel was a wonderful portrayal of a 20 something and the fun, along with the heartache she encounters along the way.

laura kilmartinAuthor Bio:Next Year I’ll be Perfect is Laura Kilmartin’s first novel.  She previously published four essays in Write for the Fight:  A Collection of Seasonal Essays.  All author royalties from that collection have been donated to breast cancer charities.

 Laura is an attorney who lives and works in her native Southern Maine.  A pop culture savant, she loves to read, write, travel and collect DVDs of cancelled TV shows in her spare time.  Please visit Laura’s blog at or follow her (@LauraCKilmartin) on Twitter.
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Bring Pretty Back:Giveaway & Interview with @pretty_back

Today I had the pleasure to interview one of my favorite Twitter friends and authors, Kristin Schmidt. She is here to talk about her new book “Bring Pretty Back”.

This book is a short inspiring read about the little mishaps in life that can make life pretty, depending on how you look at them. I found myself in this book several times. From always believing I needed lots of money to feel pretty to feeling overwhelmed on doing household chores. Kristin sets the record straight on easy ways you can Bring Pretty Back!

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Becoming Mrs. Walsh by Jessica Gordon

Being torn between two men is hard enough, but two men where one is forbidden? 

becoming mrs walshBrief Synopsis: 

Shoshana Thompson is 26 years old, miles from home, and engaged to be married into one of Washington D.C.’s wealthiest families. Andrew Walsh, her fiance  is Shoshana’s vision of the perfect man. Throughout their engagement, she becomes enamored with his privileged lifestyle.

While Shoshana navigates the tricky world of in-laws and societal wedding planning, she desperately tries to ignore her growing feelings for another man. She knows that exploring this love will threaten her existence as a Walsh. But, when she discovers the feelings may not be one-sided, she knows things are about to get a lot more complicated, especially because this man is absolutely off-limits. (more…)