Becoming Mrs. Walsh by Jessica Gordon

Being torn between two men is hard enough, but two men where one is forbidden? 

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becoming mrs walshBrief Synopsis: 

Shoshana Thompson is 26 years old, miles from home, and engaged to be married into one of Washington D.C.’s wealthiest families. Andrew Walsh, her fiance  is Shoshana’s vision of the perfect man. Throughout their engagement, she becomes enamored with his privileged lifestyle.

While Shoshana navigates the tricky world of in-laws and societal wedding planning, she desperately tries to ignore her growing feelings for another man. She knows that exploring this love will threaten her existence as a Walsh. But, when she discovers the feelings may not be one-sided, she knows things are about to get a lot more complicated, especially because this man is absolutely off-limits.


My thoughts: 

It took me a bit to really get into this book. I had trouble at first understanding the story from the view point of Shoshana. She seems to have it all. She is marrying into a wealthy family, has a finance who loves her, and a family who wants to get to know her better. To me it seemed like there wasn’t much to relate to in the character. Then I read just a little bit further.

Shoshana is just like you or I.

She feels out of place with her soon to be family and doesn’t feel like she will ever fit in.  Becoming a Walsh is very intimidating for Sho, (Shoshana) not only because of her finance’s money and socialite mother, Birdie; but also because of her three soon to be sister-in-laws, Ariel, Rachel, and Zoey. The beautiful women dress and act the part of being a Walsh.

As she tries to identify with her sister in laws and plan a wedding with an absentee groom who is always working, Sho encounters an attraction to a man she would never had expected to. She is both excited and scared by this new development. Shoshana is not sure what to do and if the feelings are even mutual.

Jessica Gordon does a great job of setting the scenes of this book in Washington D.C and in the places the characters travel to as well. I felt like I was will them many times through the book. It was easy to get involved in this novel like you had a personal stake in Sho’s decisions and plans. Regardless of who and what she chose to do, any reader could put themselves in Shoshana’s shoes. Most people are just trying to fit in somewhere or with someone.

I loved this book and am giving it 4 stars. ★★★★

I am looking forward to another novel by Jessica Gordon. Her writing style is fun, exciting and relatable.

Author Bio:

Jessica Gordon is a Johns Hopkins University alumna for both her undergraduate and graduate degrees. She received her bachelor’s degree in liberal arts from the Writing Seminars program and her master’s degree in communications.

After working in the corporate world for several years, Jessica decided to return to her first love: creative writing. Jessica takes her readers to the prominent Washington, D.C. area where her characters navigate through the complex world of family, in-laws, and love.

Jessica lives in Washington, D.C. with her husband. This is her first novel.jessica gordon

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  1. Thanks Debbie! I really enjoyed reading your review. I am so happy you liked the book!

    :) Jessica

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