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Top 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Give Up


Before we can taste the beauty of success, we must experience failure so many times that the average person will contemplate giving up. Why you ask? Well, for several reasons. Sometimes the self esteem can not take that many hits without collapsing. Other times people just decide to pursue other things that seem easier to them. When you feel like your dreams will never come true, read these five reasons why you shouldn’t give up. I hope I can motivate you to try just one thing to keep you on the road to those dreams you have. I promise you are worth it and so are your dreams. (more…)

photo by: Frerieke

Inspiration is Everywhere

If you really stop to take a look around, you will find inspiration everywhere. When we realize what our minds are capable of achieving, we can begin to utilize all the inspiration this world provides for us to live out our dreams. Inspiration allows you to take hold of the possibilities and piece them together. Take a look at some of the few places I look for inspiration, and see if you can think of any I have left out that help you. (more…)

10 Things To Get Happy About Right Now



The truth is, most people don’t really know how to be happy. Everyone wants happiness. They search for it, day in and day out. However, happiness seems to be something that eludes most of us, simply because, we are always searching for the perfect situation, instead of standing still, and looking at what we already have.

It is sad to me, that happiness is the first thing on most people’s minds, but the one thing we get lost in truly ever finding. I have put together a list of ten things to get happy about RIGHT NOW! (more…)

6 Ways You Can Make Someone’s Day

We have all been there. You wake up and everything from the second you get out of bed starts to go wrong. The coffee is cold. You can’t find a thing to wear. Your kids are screaming in your ear. It is all you can do to get out the door without raising your voice, or mumbling obscene words under your breathe. Then suddenly someone smiles at you on the street, lets you cut in front of them at the grocery store, or holds the door open for you. Magically the day just seems to get better. The way others treat us sets the tone of how we view them. Here are six ways you can make someone’s day better.  Try one or all six of them. I bet you will get a smile. (more…)